Monday, November 11, 2013


"As we age we are to become more wise.  At a certain age we call them wisdom years.  It is where we choose to be wise or dumb that is why it is called wisdom."  John Douillard.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Detoxifying Deodorant

Looking for a non-toxic all natural detoxifying deodorant?  If you head over to Body Unburdened and take a look they have a great recipe.  If you aren't looking for a cream I am thinking you can melt 1 oz. of bees wax to 3.5 oz. of coconut oil and pour into an old deodorant container and you would have a more solid cream.
Picture 10
Thank you Body Unburdened!!!


Stripped Screws?

I am so gonna try this next time or at least pass this on to my husband.  LOL!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To Beat Laziness

The problem of laziness.  How do we overcome it

One of the effective ways of overcoming this difficulty is by thinking deeply on the fact that YHWH is present everywhere and always, “And, behold, YHWH stands over him,” and “the whole world is full of His glory,” and He looks upon him and “searches his reins and heart” (to see) if he is serving Him as is fitting. Therefore, we must serve in His presence with awe and fear like one standing before the King.

The point is to remember that inasmuch as YHWH gives one the great gift of time and mental ability and one must not waste these great gifts given by Elohim. By way of illustration: Suppose a great and majestic king personally and graciously gave you a gift, and he stands by you, watching what you will do with it; what would it look like if you would drop it with complete disregard, and go out for a walk or engage in some other pastime, etc.? Surely it is unnecessary to emphasize to you this idea at greater length.

I will only add that the Satan is never lazy, and is very busy and industrious in his efforts to distract us from YHWH's service. Therefore, you must have a ready weapon with which to combat him.